6 Restaurants and Bars You May Want to Try out in KL

In Kuala Lumpur, there’s outstanding restaurants and bars which might offer you a pleasurable dining experience. The luscious delicacies and sophisticated interior decoration aren’t like any other restaurant you could find in other cities. Here goes our selection of first-class restaurants & bars in Kuala Lumpur you need to try.

Marble 8

Best Steakhouse in KL

Marble 8 on 56 is actually a steakhouse discovered on 56th Floor in KLCC. Here, customers can delight in a curated spread of wet-aged and dry-aged steaks as they quite simply feast their eyes on the unique interior design while sitting comfortably on the soft leather sofa and enjoying fine music. For people who would like to enjoy the skyline view of Kl, they’re able to decide to be seated beside the full-size window.

Marini’ on 57

Best Italian Restaurant in KL

If you are searching for the highest rooftop bar in KL, then Marini’s on 57 stands out as the answer. Their ultra-chic bar is the perfect spot to enjoy cocktails any time you spend your night out for business & leisure. Discovered in Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas, KLCC, Marini’s is also an Italian restaurant that includes a whisky & cigar lounge. They supply the best possible Italian cuisines as well as the freshest seafood literally air-flown from Italy to Kl City.

Check out their Italian restaurant here:

Troika Sky Dining

Best Restaurants in KL

Offering three dining restaurants together, the Troika Sky Dining offers the patrons a wide range of menus options to select from. Located on the 23rd floor of Tower B in the Troika along Persiaran KLCC, the location includes branches of dining places, Fuego, Strato, and Cantaloupe, that each serves award-winning menus. As you take pleasure in cloud-skimming views here, how about go for a drink at Coppersmith & Claret, where you should enjoy their scrumptious cocktail & premium wine.

Enak KL

Best Restaurants in KL

Enak KL is considered the representative of the prime quality local cuisine restaurant in this list. With delicious appetizers, main courses, and desserts prepared with their age-old family recipes, a number of the menus here have a nice spicy element that expresses the one of a kind taste of Malay food. Get ready to enjoy the halal (pork-free) cuisines within a comfortable Balinese-themed decor that resonates the Asian culture and tradition.

Celestial Court

Best Restaurants in KL

Celestial Court is known as the restaurant offering an absolute experience of the Cantonese tradition. From the signature dishes, for instance, the Cantonese roasted duck to the redefined interior decorating; the Celestial Court allows you to relish the majestic elegance experience in one spot. Depending upon the season, the restaurant also on occasion introduces unique dishes to diners, such as serving the mooncakes within the Chinese mid-autumn festival.

Maison Francaise

Best Restaurants in KL

Maison Francaise Restaurant is the place to go if you want a French fine dining restaurant. The restaurant is split into three main areas, namely the ground floor and first floor for dining, together with private cigar lounge upstairs. The dining hall also has an outdoor patio with a stunning sight of KL city. But, what really makes Maison Francaise the finest French restaurant is, of course, the cuisines. Here, you can experience a wide selection of wonderful meals which may be suitable for dinner or simply high tea.

Each restaurant and bar selected to get featured on the list has been thoroughly tested, and they have all given us a distinctive dining experience. So, go on and make a reservation at some of these places, because we wish that you enjoy the same exquisite experience we had.