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Digi Malaysia

As much as quite a few people endeavor to deny it, it is challenging to live without the net, because we make use of them to intercommunicate and also our life better. Without strong and stable connection, things are usually challenging to work with, whether it be something personal or business. Where do we have a great mobile phone network provider? Not just that, is it possible to find a great telco that offers affordable smartphone purchase plan?

Introducing Digi Telecommunications

Since its establishment in 1995, Digi has become a great challenger to Celcom and Maxis just for the fact they always seem to be the first brand to keep introducing internet packages and mobile plans with greater value at less expensive. So, let us take a peek at what Digi has up their sleeves these days.

Mobile Prepaid Plan

If you’re looking around to purchase a mobile prepaid plan, it is highly recommended that you just try Digi out. Since there’s no commitment, you may want to give their prepaid plan a go and experience fast mobile data with 4G LTE connection, plus 1000 minutes value of free call time to Some of your Buddyz.

Mobile Postpaid Plan

For people who prefer postpaid plan, Digi also offers just the right package. Additionally, you can try a network switch easily if you make a request to Digi. Upon successful request and immediately following settling all outstanding commitments for your existing provider, your brand-new plan is usually activated in a matter of days.

Smartphone Purchase Plan

Apple’s Models: iPhone X & More

As Digi recognizes the consumers’ needs, they also have been one of the very first to start up offering smartphone purchase together with the postpaid plan. Not surprisingly, Apple’s smartphones are among the popular smartphones many consumers choose. So, here’s your chance to own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 quickly!

Oppo R9s & So Much More for Android Users

As Digi knows that most of its consumers are in need of great value, they always offer affordable Android phones to match. Undoubtedly famous Android phones like Samsung is there, but what’s really special will probably be the free smartphone deals, for instance, the Oppo R9s & Vivo Y66 which you can get from Digi.

Oppo R9s Malaysia

Feel free to visit Digi Malaysia’s website here to learn more about this awesome Oppo R9s smartphone purchase plan:

Broadband Internet

Broadband internet can be another consumer’s favorite product as a consequence of its convenience. at Digi, you can get a 4G wireless broadband as little as RM30 that gives you 18GB of internet data. However, in the event you require more data allocation monthly, you may want to try the best plan, that is certainly Digi Broadband 100.


While we turn out to be more ready to accept communication with overseas countries, Digi has developed an entertaining offer where it gives a privileged rate for international calls. If you use a postpaid or prepaid Digi number, simply dial 133 before entering the selected number to enjoy the low fee.

So, Pick Wisely!

Once we highlight lots of amazing deals Digi have for customers, we feel it can help most people to make better decisions whenever they choose, or rather, re-choose their mobile phone network provider in Malaysia. Let’s not waste our money on unnecessary charges, and start exercising smart consumerism in our lives.